The Self Healers Club

A safe space for you to explore your healing journey through radical acceptance, spiritual growth and higher self awareness.


"Nobody Understands"

Nobody will understand you until you give yourself the space to go deeper and connect...understand yourself and uncover the patterns within. We are committed to providing you with the space to explore the healing journey. It can feel lonely but there are tools to help you connect and show up in the world.

Here's How Our Club Works...

    • Consistency: The journey is about finding consistency

    • Commitment: We have Check-in's, including live calls for community members only. We send you reminders, you can choose to attend them.

    • Sacred Space: We do not share any of your private information. Probably why you will never find us sharing on social media. Unless you share online, because you can do you - and we are here for it.
    • Tools: We use Life hacks and Workshops to find connection in healing. All which you will instantly feel once committing to the space.
    • Self Paced Learning: We offer workshops for self paced learning - easily accessible.

    • Full Responsibility: The responsibility to grow lies with no complaints - only change.

    • Conscious Sharing: Wisdom is most effective when shared, we listen and never tell anyone what to do

    • Community is an essential tool to healing, we support you and watch you grow. 

    • Signing Up: Once you sign up, the space is yours to engage whenever you want.
    • Easy Access: We use an app. That means easy access and making the responsibly easier to do the work.
    • Leaving the Space: Leave the space whenever you feel called to, without judgement you create your own destiny.

What to Expect



Schedule, Workshops, Events and Talks from healers, designed to help you on your journey, any day of the week for self-paced healers.

Our Podcast Resources (here only)

Community-Only Discounts

A private space and app for you to communicate, share and check-in for accountability with the community. (Not Facebook)  Free Access to all our Community Calls, also known as Circles

Healing doesn't have to be lonely journey. Learn all the tools you need, Connection to a Network & directory of healers & connect directly with Healers, Professionals and support.



Thinking of joining a community, but you have some doubts? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Why is this space for me?

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? The universe brought you here and that means you definitely have a calling to make a change to something in your life that you have been meaning to do. 

This is your soul’s way of guiding you to your true calling in life – the question is why not?

Q: I am so busy, how much time do I need?

We have time for the things that we make time for. 

Q: Is this a self guided community?

You won’t be left do this alone, there is a system for learning, implementation and support - all in community. However this will not be a  shelf-help space - something you put on the back burner and never actually get around to using in a way that creates meaningful change.  Space is meant to be used and success comes from doing the work

Q: I'm not sure if this space is for me

Sign up for one month, you can always leave if you didn't get what you came for. We will not judge nor question your decision to leave.

Q: IS there a free trial or money back guarantee?

We invite anyone who is interested in joining this space, to attend our community circle. There we meditate, ground ourselves and use tools to share our healing journey. We'd love to meet you and share more. Sign Up here


Ask us a question, Dm us on Social Media or Join a community circle to find out more. We are ready to welcome you when you are ready. Contact Us