Making Healing Accessible

When founder of Relatable Content, Farhana Sarguro experienced deep loneliness and depression she developed another connection with spiritualiity. With this our Podcast episodes began and our community grew. We provide a space for healing. Whether you want to grow, build or heal our offerings will be for you. We have a lot more in common that we like to talk about in society and although we experience differently, we can connect on similarities.

The truth is that healing is accessible to everyone, but through everyday life we slip away from the most instinctual abilities - to listen and watch our response to the material world. Also being our biggest distraction and reminder of where you healing journey follows suit.

Podcasts, Workshops, Retreats and Experiences for Healers & Self Healers.

We have carefully curated and invited different healers to link the Relatable Content Community with a healing journey of awakenings and tools. A reminder that the journey never ends and there are always people stepping in.


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